Diagnostic Trouble Code Identification:

Volvo Code


Circuit Or Condition

111 No Faults
112 P0605, P1326, P1329, P1401, P1403, P1404 Control Module Fault
113 Long Term Fuel Trim Upper Limit{2}
Long Term Fuel Trim Upper Limit Or Lower Limit{1}{3}
Injectors, Group 1, Cylinder 1, 2 + 4 Signal Faulty{4}
115 Injectors, Group 2, Cylinder 3, 5 + 6 Signal Faulty{4}
P0201, P0261, P0226 Injector 1{5}
121 P0100, P0102, P0103 MAF Sensor Signal Missing Or Faulty{1}{2}{4}
MAF Sensor Signal Missing Or Faulty{3}
122 IAT Sensor Signal Missing Or Faulty
123 P0115, P0116, P0117, P0118 ECT Sensor Signal Missing Or Faulty
125 P0202, P0264, P0265 Injector Signal Cylinder No. 2 Faulty
131 P0535 RPM Signal From ICM Missing At Start{1}{2}{4}
RPM Sensor Signal Missing{5}
132 P0560, P0562, P0563 Battery Voltage Improper
133 TP Switch Signal Fault At Idle
135 P0203, P0267, P0268 Injector Signal Cylinder No. 3 Faulty
143 P0325 Front KS Signal Missing Or Faulty
144 Load Signal Missing Or Faulty
145 P0204, P0270, P0271 Injector Signal Cylinder No. 4 Faulty
152 Air Pump Valve Signal Missing Or Faulty
153 P0136, P0137 Rear HO2S Signal Missing Or Faulty
154 EGR System Leak, System Flow Too High
155 P0205, P0273, P0274 Injector Signal Cylinder No. 5 Faulty
156 P206 Injector Signal Cylinder No. 6 Faulty
211 CO Potentiometer
212 P0130, P0131, P0132 HO2S Signal Missing Or Faulty{1}{2}{3}{4}
Front HO2S Signal Missing Or Faulty{5}
213 TP Switch Signal Fault At Full Load
214 P0535 RPM Sensor Signal Intermittent{4}
RPM Sensor Signal Sporadic{5}
221 Long Term Fuel Trim Upper Or Lower Limit{3}
Long Term Fuel Trim Upper Limit At Part Load{1}{2}{4}
222 System Relay{3}
Main Relay
223 P1505, P1506 IAC Valve Signal Missing Or Faulty{1}{2}{3}{4}
IAC Valve Signal Opening Signal Missing Or Faulty{5}
225 P0530, P0531, P0532, P0533 A/C Pressure Sensor
A/C Pressure Sensor Signal{5}
231 P0170, P0171, P0172 Long Term Fuel Trim Lower Limit At Part Load{2}{4}
Long Term Fuel Trim Upper Or Lower Limit At Part Load{1}{4}
Long Term Fuel Trim Part Load{5}
232 P0170, P0171, P0172 Idle Long Term Fuel Trim Upper Limit{2}{4}
Idle Long Term Fuel Trim Upper Or Lower Limit{1}{3}
Long Term Fuel Trim Idling{5}
233 P0505 Long Term Idle Air Trim Outside Control Range
Adaptive Idle Air Trim{5}
235 EGR Controller
241 EGR System Flow Too Low
242 P0243, P0245, P0246 Turbocharger Control Valve Signal
243 TP Sensor Signal Outside Voltage Range
245 P1507, P1508 IAC Valve Closing Signal
251 P0111, P0112, P0113 Outside Temperature Sensor Signal{5}
311 P0500 VSS Signal Missing
Speedometer Signal{5}
312 No Knock Enrichment Signal From ICM
313 EVAP Valve
314 P0340 CMP Sensor
315 P0440 EVAP System
Canister Purge Valve Leakage{5}
321 Cold Start Valve Short To Ground Or Missing
322 MAF Sensor Burn Off Signal Too Low
323 MIL Signal
325 Memory Loss
335 P1617, P1618 MIL Signal From AW 50-42 TCM Faulty
Cable Fault Between AW 50-42 TCM & ECM{5}
342 A/C Relay Control Signal
343 Fuel Pump Relay Control Signal
344 Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Signal
355 P0101 MAF Sensor Signal Faulty{5}
411 P0120, P0122, P0123 TP Sensor Signal
412 WOT Switch Short To Ground
413 EGR Temperature Sensor Signal
414 P0243 Boost Pressure Control Too High
416 Boost Pressure Reduction From AW 50-42 TCM
422 P0106, P0107, P0108 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor Signal
425 P0140 Rear HO2S Control
432 P1406 Control Module Box Temperature Too High Level 1
Temperature Warning >212°F
433 P0330 Rear KS Signal
435 P0133 Front HO2S Slow Response
436 P0133 Rear HO2S Max Compensation
Rear HO2S Compensation{5}
442 P0410 Air Pump Relay Signal
PAIR Flow Fault{5}
443 P0422 TWC Efficiency Low
TWC Efficiency{5}
444 P1307, P1308 Acceleration Sensor
445 P0410 PAIR Pump Signal{5}
446 P0410 PAIR Valve Leakage{5}
447 P0412, P0413, P0414 PAIR Solenoid Valve Signal{5}
448 P0410 PAIR Pump flow Fault{5}
451 P0301 Misfire, Excessive Emissions, Cyl. 1
452 P0302 Misfire, Excessive Emissions, Cyl. 2
453 P0303 Misfire, Excessive Emissions, Cyl. 3
454 P0304 Misfire, Excessive Emissions, Cyl. 4
455 P0305 Misfire, Excessive Emissions, Cyl. 5
456 P0306 Misfire, Excessive Emissions, Cyl. 6
511 Idle Long Term Fuel Trim Lower Limit
512 Long Term Fuel Trim Lower Limit
513 P1405 Control Module Box Temperature Too High Level 2
Temperature Warning >212°F
514 P1619, P1620 Engine Cooling Fan Low Speed Faulty
Engine Cooling Fan Low Speed Signal Faulty{5}
515 Engine Cooling Fan High Speed Faulty
521 P0135 Front HO2S Heater{5}
522 P0141 Rear HO2S Heater
523 Engine Cooling Fan Signal In Control Module Box Short
524 Torque Control Signal To Gearbox
531 Final Stage, Group A
532 Final Stage, Group B
Ignition Discharge Module, Group B{5}
533 Final Stage, Group C
534 P1604 Final Stage, Group D
Ignition Discharge Module, Group D{5}
535 P1605 Final Stage, Group E
Turbocharger Control Valve
Ignition Discharge Module, Group E{5}
536 P1605 Ignition Discharge Module, Group E{5}
541 P0443, P0444, P0445 EVAP Valve
Canister Purge Valve Signal{5}
542 Misfire Emission Level More Than One Cylinder
543 P0300, Р1310,Р1305 Misfire Emission Level At Least One Cylinder
544 Misfire TWC Damage More Than One Cylinder
545 P0300, Р1310,Р1305 Misfire TWC Damage At Least One Cylinder
551 P0301 Misfire Resulting In TWC Damage Cylinder No. 1
552 P0302 Misfire Resulting In TWC Damage Cylinder No. 2
553 P0303 Misfire Resulting In TWC Damage Cylinder No. 3
554 P0304 Misfire Resulting In TWC Damage Cylinder No. 4
555 P0305 Misfire Resulting In TWC Damage Cylinder No. 5
556 P0306 Misfire Resulting In TWC Damage Cylinder No. 6
611 P0455 Fuel Tank System Large Leak{5}
612 P0442 Fuel Tank system small Leak{5}
614 EVAP Canister Shutoff Valve Flow Fault{5}
616 P0446, P0447, P0448 EVAP Canister Shutoff Valve Signal{5}
621 P0453 Fuel Tank Pressure Sensor Signal{5}
666 P1621 TCM DTC{5}
114 A/C Control Satisfactory
124 RPM Compensation For Transmission Satisfactory
134 A/C Compressor Engagement Satisfactory
141 ESS RPM Signal Satisfactory
331 RPM Sensor Signal From Ignition Control Module Satisfactory
332 TP Sensor Signal Satisfactory At Idle{2}{4}
332 TP Switch Satisfactory At Idle{1}{3}
333 TP Sensor Wide Open Satisfactory{2}{4}
333 TP Switch Wide Open Satisfactory{1}{3}
342 CMP Sensor Signal Satisfactory
343 Vehicle Speed Signal Satisfactory

{1}—LH 2.4 MFI.
{2}—LH 3.2 MFI.
{3}—Regina MFI.
{4}—Motronic 1.8 MFI.
{5}—Motronic 4.4 SFI.

Common Fault Codes:

  MID Code   Circuit Or Condition
128 Engine
130 Transmission
137 Brakes Trailer 1
138 Brakes Trailer 2
136 ABS
140 Instrument
141 Trip Recorder
144 Cab Controller
162 Vehicle Navigation Unit
166 Tire Power Unit
171 Driver information Unit
172 Off-Board Diagnostics 1
179 Data Logging Computer
181 Communication Unit, Satellite
191 Vehicle Location Unit
232 SRS (Air Bag)